앙카라와 가깝다는 이유 때문에 좋은 경제적 잇점들이 있지만, 앙카라와 가깝다는 이유로 또한 방문자가 거의 없다. 과거 몇몇의 영적 관심자들이 있어 왔지만 교회 모임은 생기지 못했다. 과거에 뿌린 씨앗을 위해 와서 물을 주지 않겠습니까??

A church waiting to be born

Çankırı(찬크르)의 사진

Çankırı is highly unusual in Turkey. It has a local couple who are both graduates of a discipleship ministry in Turkey who have come to Çankırı intentionally to plant a church! The team had good fellowship with them and a time of encouraging one another. The team enjoyed a time of praying over the city and in the park there, Ethan, the team leader engaged an older man in conversation and was invited to drink çay and meet the family. Ethan shared the Gospel was shared and left an İncil with the man. On their way back into the city, the team met a young girl holding a baby. Though she was only 17 years old, the baby was hers and she explained he was ill from a lack of enzymes in his stomach. The team was able to pray for the baby and also to share with the young mother. When visiting another park, two guys on the team engaged in conversation with 3 waiters. They explained how they had the original İncil, which the lads were interested to see; they also left them with other literature. The team ended their time by seeing a miraculous healing of one of their members!