부르사는 오래된 역사 도시로 종교적으로 보수적이다. 그럼에도 불구하고 이곳에 국제 교회가 하나 있고, 학생들과 다른 소수족들 사이에서 성장하고 있는 터키 교회가 하나 있다. 누가 이 열린 수확을 거둘 것인가?

Hungry hearts

Bursa(부르사)의 사진

The bold team that travelled to a town in Bursa province set up a book table right on the street! There they offered Christian Scriptures and books and displayed signs saying that English and German conversation was also offered. They met many young atheists who had rejected the God they knew but who were drawn to Jesus! The local believers on the team were able to have good conversations, as were many of the foreigners as well. A nearby girl who worked at a tattoo both declared that she wanted to become a Christian! Later in the evening the authorities arrived - obviously due to a complaint - and said they could not continue without permission but they didn't notice the local believers who were deep in conversation with individuals in the vicinity. Pray that God would bring others to Mudanya to keep sowing seeds into these hungry hearts!