부르두르에는 많은 호수가 있다. 변화가 아주 느린 전통적인 사회 구조를 가지고 있다. 알려진 신자들은 없다. 바울은 이 지역 출신의 모두가 주의 말씀을 들었다고 했다. 그러나 그후 1900년 동안 그것이 잊혀진 상태에 있다.

Believing for Burdur

Burdur(부르두르)의 사진

The team prepared for their ministry in Burdur by praying and worshipping in a park cafe. They also connected with people and prepared Scripture gifts for ladies. They gave their favourite waitress a ceramic rose box with 20 scriptures. The brother on the team shared with several men who were both happy to get an İncil. On the bus to Burdur Lake, the team gave materials to an Afghan family. They later prayed they would meet them again and when they found them at the lake, sat at a table next to them. One of the brothers who knew some English and Turkish came over. They played them an Iranian Chrisitan song. The brother explained to the family that the song was saying Jesus came from heaven to earth then carried on translating it. The brother on the team shared many truths with him and asked many questions about sin, heaven and hell he could not answer. Another couple who were against "religions" were shared with and then accepted a New Testament. All in all, the team had times of sharing, praying with and /or giving literature to about 20 people!