빌래직은 오스만 제국 역사에 있어 중요한 지방으로 오스만들이 비잔틴 제국에 대항하여 일어났던 곳이다. 후에 1921년까지 그리스 령 이였다. 영적 열매가 많이 드러나지 않은 약간은 격리된 지방이다. 당신이 이 지역을 도울 수 있다.

Sharing with students

Bilecik(빌래직)의 사진

The team who travelled to Bilecik, most of whom were young and students themselves, headed to the university. There they met the dean who invited them to visit three classes and speak English with them. Each class had between 15-30 in each class and the team were able to share their own stories and even the gospel! They feel amazed at the miracle of sharing the gospel with so many. Many expressed interest in wanting to know more about Jesus. They also spent some time with a refugee family who are believers there and who shared with them their stories of persecution from their motherland. Pray for this family who also are committed to being salt and light while they are in Bilecik.