발륵에시르는 마르마라와 에게 해 지역 사이에 위치하고 있다. 이스탄불에서 반드르마까지 다니느 페리는 현지인들에게 인기 있는 관광코스로 되어있다. 몇몇의 사역자가 있고 몇몇의 작은 모임들이 있다.

God uses all languages

Balıkesir(발륵에시르)의 사진
Balkesir - God uses all languages

The team who travelled to Balıkesir province were able to reach out in several of the smaller cities in the province, where the Balıkesir church would like to start meetings. The team members who didn't speak Turkish were very clever - they wore signs inviting people to speak with them in German or English! One man asked the German brother where he was from and when he was told "Basel", he jumped up and gave him a hug, saying he grew up there! Though being a Muslim Turk, he had an interesting worldview but was happy to accept an İncil. Two English speaking team members were walking around carrying the English sign when a young couple, initially passing them by, came back to talk. It was very obvious that this man was a seeker, disenchanted with the Muslim faith. He asked great questions, about sin and also about the Trinity, and read several passages from the Incil. The young family previously had watched “The Passion of the Christ,” and seemed genuinely interested in learning more. They gladly took the New Testament with them.

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    In a small town in Balıkesir province, two of the local brothers were taking a break from evangelism by having tea in a shop. There, they noticed... 더 보기

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