아르트빈은 역사적으로 그루지아의 일부에 속해 있었다. 지금도 많은 고대 성곽들과 교회들이 있다. 그러나 줄어드는 인구로 인해 산업과 경제적 기회 또한 줄어들고 있다. 알려진 성도는 없다. 이곳으로 오시겠습니까?

Sowing seeds in Artvin

Artvin(아르트빈)의 사진

Our friends visited the town library and managed to put evangelistic cards in several books! The library staff invited them to drink tea with them and they were able to share how God brought them to Turkey and the love they have for the people. Later they were walking up a hill and rested on the steps of a house. The family invited them for juice and cake and they shared there too how God had brought them to Turkey. They left them with a Jesus film and exchanged contact information. The team kept walking and stopped at a house to ask for water. A 95 year old lady opened the door. Her eyes were swollen from a bee sting so they prayed for her. They passed another house as it was beginning to rain so they were invited in for tea. Grace was able to share the entire Gospel with them, urging them that following Jesus is a decision each person needs to make individually. The team was able to give out "You are Special" tracts to others they met along the way. Pray that God would protect each of these seeds and water them and the enemy would not be able to steal them away.