Niğde is part of the Cappadocian region, but the part usually ignored by tourists. There are only a few believers. It has been a university town for less than 20 years and it could be that students are more open. Come and see!

Strategically placed bundles

Photo from Niğde

A group of friends from South Africa travelled in Cappadocia with the goal of sowing God's Word into the dry soil of those provinces. Niğde was like an oasis... "With not much to see in this city, we mixed with the locals and were amazed at their hospitality. We had the opportunity to enjoy tea and cake with a group of ladies in the park adjacent to the castle. We also spent a wonderful time with the children there. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped along the road and enjoyed a glass of chai with an old man. We made this the focus with our time in Nigde, but the following day we were actually more task orientated and concentrated on the placement of our packages. Again, as we left Nigde after 2 days, we realized that this city was blessed with 96 New Testaments and/or DVDs that were waiting to be found.