Iğdır is one of the newer provinces with its capital nestled at the foot of Mt. Ararat. It was occupied by the Russians in World War I until regained by Turkey in 1920. There are no known believers and no church. Can you accept that?

The word of God is not bound

Photo from Iğdır

On the intrepid's team last day in the East, they felt the Lord tell them to go to a prison and pass out Bibles. In obedience, the team loaded into a bus and went to a small village with less than 5000 people. At the prison they talked with the leader of the prison and gave them around 15 Bibles that they could disperse among themselves. They were actually excited and gave the team ea to drink. From there, the team covered the whole village handing out many Bibles and literature. The authorities did stop them but only to ask for their passports. Before they left, they were able to pray for a crippled man and release the power God which in turn gathered a large crowd of passersby to see what was happening. Praise God for the faith of these young people, being willing to step out and do what is often impossible for local believers and long term workers. May God bring a harvest here!