Erzurum is another religiously conservative province, though the university is large and modern. There have been several believers here but no church. Two major earthquakes have caused much damage. It needs to be built up with the truth.

Pioneer work

Photo from Erzurum

One of their contacts suggested to the team that they visit an old church. Asking directions to the old church led to an invitation for more çay! They sat with four men who plied them with many drinks as they shared the living water with them in return. Not just the four men at the table but the whole restaurant was listening! They asked many questions and the team could tell that they had never heard the gospel before. Though none of the men were willing to accept any literature, please pray that they would have a desire to learn more and that Jesus might appear to them to continue to lead them on the way.

  • Sharing grace

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    The team in Erzurum was able to visit 6 different cities in the province for outreach! They were able to give out a significant amount of... more

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