Bilecik is an important province in Ottoman history as it was from here that the Ottomans rose up against the Byzantines. It is a somewhat isolated province which has not shown much spiritual fruit. You can help.

Lions 1, Christians 0 :-)

Photo from Bilecik

The Abraham group had trouble finding opportunities in the province of Bilecik. They did live music at a restaurant near a waterfall and had a few good conversations but nothing significant. They visited the tomb of one of the famous early Ottomans and were able to distribute some brochures and leave an apologetic book with the very religious caretaker. One of the members writes, "We were so thrilled to discover outside the city a lake that had attracted hundreds of families and school groups. Encouraged, we first took our instruments, looking for a spot to set up. But the presence of foreigners sent a group of middleschool girls into a tizzy. We could not get away from them. We decided to play in a tea garden but they were pressing against us and making it difficult to perform. This soon attracted the attention of the owner and his very religious partners. They became increasingly agitated and began to make threats, which grew more serious. We decided we needed to leave, before we'd really done anything. A bit of a sad ending to our trip through this province!İ Pray for Bilecik!