Ankara is the capital of Turkey, in the Biblical Galatia. Ataturk, the founder of the modern republic is buried here. There are 4-5 churches, some with solid, local leadership. An effective children's ministry is also based here.

Seeking the lost

Photo from Ankara

This past week, students from our church discipleship school and a team of Egyptians with their children went to an area on the outskirts of the city of Ankara. After having a time of worship on the hills overlooking the area we set out in 3 teams to speak with people and distribute literature. While walking the streets, one of the Egyptian ladies saw a group of ladies sitting on their doorstep. She approached them with a Jesus film and briefly shared with them. She offered to pray for one of them, who then began to weep as she was touched by the love and care of this stranger. Another man asked for literature and prayer. It was a privilege to be God's instruments to allow God to work in this man's heart as he received prayer. Another time, one of the Egyptian ladies approached another young lady with a baby. She offered the lady a Jesus film. The lady said she had already received a Jesus film from a previous team, but would like to read the Gospel! After giving her a Gospel, the team had the privilege to pray for an ill relative of the lady.