Sakarya ist eher unter dem Namen "Adapazarı" bekannt, die Hauptstadt dieser Provinz. Sie wurde 1943, 1967 und auch 1999 durch Erdbeben zerstört. In Sakarya leben in mehreren Dörfern Cherkessen und Abkhassier, zwei noch unerreichte Gruppen.

Asking God to speak

Foto von Sakarya

We praise God for some great opportunities to share the good news here in Sakarya! We became friends with a girl who was a refugee so took her for a coffee. She shared her story with us and then we shared our own personal stories and included the gospel message. She was very receptive to who Jesus is and so we gave her an İncil (a New Testament) and prayed for her. she told us she would ask Jesus to speak to her and she would read the İncil. Would you also please pray for her that Jesus would speak to her? Ask too that God would speak to her through His word.