Nevşehir ist eine bekannte touristische Gegend, aber in den Kleinstädten besteht die einheimische Kultur wie gewohnt weiter. Trotz der christlichen Wurzeln gibt es nur sehr wenige Gläubige.

The right language

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While the team was in Göreme, one team member helped one lady who sprained her ankle by applying Chinese massage and Christian prayer. The lady turned out to be an Azzeri, who spoke Russian very well. And two other people on the team were native or fluent Russian speakers! So they shared about their faith and prayed for her in Russian. The team ended up staying late to answer the difficult questions of a local painter-sailor who spoke very good English. Pray for this province! There are people who serve the Lord here. Ask God to build His church!

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    The team in Nevşehir visited the Göreme open-air museum and had amazing opportunities! They were first very discreet but finally asked a guard at... mehr hier

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