Kırşehir macht seinem Namen, „Stadt auf dem Land“, alle Ehre. Während der osmanischen Zeit war es das Zentrum der Freimaurer und es gibt noch immer Orte, an denen der Volksislam große Bedeutung hat. Man weiß dort von keinen Gläubigen.

Joyful readers in Kırşehir

Foto von Kırşehir
Kırşehir - shoeshiner

The team spent three nights in Kırşehir and made a number of fruitful contacts. Among these were some Iraqi asylum seekers, one of whom - a young man from a Christian background - was very keen to make friends. One team member spent a lot of time with him, won his trust, and shared extensively about having a living relationship with Jesus. Another unexpected meeting was with two Afghan girls, one of which was multi-lingual. The team gifted them with a New Testament and believe it will be read avidly. A shoe-shine man was thrilled to receive a Turkish New Testament and started reading it once! Pray with us that the Lord continues to open hearts and uses every piece of literature distributed throughout the province. Kırşehir does not yet have its own fellowship of Jesus followers but may His kingdom steadily advance in this city and province!