Kırklareli ist bewaldetet und dadurch natürlich für Möbelherstellung bekannt. Es grenzt an Bulgarien, weshalb der Drogenschmuggel ein Problem ist. Den Einwohnern ist Bildung sehr wichtig und Materialismus ist anziehender als der Islam.

A team effort

Foto von Kırklareli
Kırklareli -T-Shirt

The team has had many encounters to pray for people and offer them Christian material! Rick and Ali asked a man if he knew what the 'Faith, Power & Strength' on his Tshirt meant. They were able to show him John 14:6, prayed for him and gave him an İncil and other materials. Later, they were able to share with and give an İncil to a waiter who lives close to Ali's house in Istanbul. They plan to meet up again. Rick was able to share with some women about dreaming about "a man in white." They stood transfixed. Ali was able to share his testimony with them. The team met a journalist with whom they were able to share the Gospel. They gave him an İncil and other material - he was so open to reading it and hearing about Jesus! Throughout the day some of the children on the team were advertising a website for Christian films and materials. The women were busy prayer walking! On the bus to another city, the team handed materials to quite a few different people. One man announced to others that they were handing out materials about Jesus and immediately some people wanted them!