Bitlis verlor im Ersten Weltkrieg fast zwei Drittel seiner Bevölkerung. Fast alle Klöster und Kirchen wurden zerstört und heute weiß man von keinen Christen mehr. Gottes Herrlichkeit muss dort verkündet werden.

Women and children first

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The ladies went out in a residential area in Bitlis province and two ladies invited them to sit with them. They asked the ladies what the Kur'an says about Jesus which launched a conversation about worship, sin, sacrifices and a variety of other topics. When asked, one of the ladies said their answers were making her question. They were able to pray for them, get their contact information and also leave an Incil with them. The team could sense the Lord was stirring their hearts and turning them towards Himself! As they walked, the women passed a Kuranic training school so they sat on the steps and prayed the students would be curious about Christianity. Suddenly they were surrounded by children from the neighbourhood who asked questions about where they were from but then led into questions about what they believed. Because they were underage they felt hesitant about sharing the gospel but they encouraged them and answered the questions they had. They felt God had immediately and directly answered their prayer about the children being curious about Christianity!

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    The very first evening in Bitlis, two of the team were sitting by the water praying for open hearts when two Kurdish guys plopped down next to... mehr hier

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