Batman ist reich an Ölvorräten, aber leider ist es v.a. bekannt für die höchste Selbstmordrate unter Frauen, besonders jungen Frauen. In Batman ist auch der türkische Zweig der Hisbollah entstanden.

Strange 'coincidence!'

Foto von Batman
Batman - Hasankeyf

The team in Batman have been staying in the home of the only believers there in order to encourage them and give them fellowship. Earlier in the week, while on a bus ride between two other cities, one of the team had met a lady, Tülin, who lives in Batman and invited the team for dinner when they arrived. When they tried to figure out where Tülin lived in relation to where they were staying, they realised that she lives in the building RIGHT NEXT to the believing family! Most of Tülin's relatives live in the same building and the team was able to share the gospel, New Testaments and SD cards in their heart language, Kurdish, with them. At the end of the night they were able to introduce their two friends to each other. Please pray these women would not only become friends but also sisters in the Lord!