Artvin war einmal Teil von Georgien und hat noch immer viele alte Burgen und Kirchen. Da industrielle und wirtschaftliche Möglichkeiten fehlen, schrumpft die Bevölkerung. Man weiß von keinen Gläubigen in der Provinz.

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Burhan and Bob met a man who approached them while sitting in the main square of the town. Burhan started to chat and explained about the Kutsal Kitap website. They talked for a while about faith and he seemed open. Burhan gave him a tract and his number. Pray that he would seek the truth. Later we entered a shop that makes local wooden mini houses. Bob told the guy that he studies the Bible to which the guy replied it has been changed. Bob discussed this more and left him a booklet to read about it. On our way back to the city in a dolmuş, Burhan talked with the driver and after chatting about politics he explained that we are here to pray and share our faith. As we left the dolmuş, Burhan gave him a tract. We also got to meet with a believer there who came to faith through the Kutsal Kitap website. Pray for him to stand strong in his faith as he is on his own and faces some pressure from family.

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    Agnes and Mary met a lady throwing away old pickles in a dumpster. They chatted for a bit before she invited them into her home for a cool yogurt... mehr hier

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    We have a team visiting this province soon - please pray for the team to meet with people who are ready and desiring to know the truth. Pray for... mehr hier

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