Ardahan war früher Teil der Provinz Kars. Es grenzt an zwei Länder und einer seiner Seen liegt nur halb in der Türkei. Es gibt sehr wenige Arbeitsplätze und Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten. Man weiß von keinen Gläubigen hier.

Two stories from Ardahan

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Mary and Sarang joined a group of ladies dancing at a festival. The ladies said they set an example for them in the way they dressed and loved God. They were happy to have them pray for them. Mary read a chapter from Psalms with one of the ladies. She couldn't get over how beautiful the chapter was, asking again if it was really from the Bible. Others asked about Christian holidays and so the girls explained the Gospel as they told the reason for Christmas and Easter. David and Burhan tried to find the shop where David had met Mehmet back in 2013. When Mehmet saw them, he came out of his shop to meet them calling David by name! He never forgot meeting David. As they sat in the shop chatting with the guys, one young man was very knowledgeable on many subjects and loves to read so David gave him an İncil. When David met an older man and told him he explains his faith to others, the man told him to go ahead and explain. Later he received a Gospel of John.

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