Ardahan war früher Teil der Provinz Kars. Es grenzt an zwei Länder und einer seiner Seen liegt nur halb in der Türkei. Es gibt sehr wenige Arbeitsplätze und Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten. Man weiß von keinen Gläubigen hier.

A unique opportunity

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Sarang and Joy spent the night in another part of the province. When they arrived they were told 50 people would be coming for a Koranic reading over a 40 day old baby. The girls joined in praying Truth during the ceremony. The girls sang a special blessing song over the baby. After a meal with the ladies, everyone focused on Sarang as she shared her testimony. Joy shared how Jesus is our sacrifice and provided the way for us to get to heaven. Their host backed them up! One of them received a God is Love book. Then with a group of they explored the town and even got to meet a BCC contact Joy had met previously who is now studying in another city and is interested in meeting other believers

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