Afyon bedeutet 'Opium' und hier ist das Zentrum für die legale pharmazeutische Verwendung von Opium. In dieser Provinz werden auch wunderschöne Marmorplatten hergestellt. Es gibt einige Gläubige, aber keine regelmäßigen Versammlungen.

A greater thirst and hunger

Foto von Afyon

A couple who had fled persecution from another country are leading a fellowship in Afyon and they asked one of the team members who was fluent in Turkish to share with an interested contact they had given a Bible to. Despite weariness, she was able to use the tract "How can i know God personally". After going through it, a few shared their testimonies and the presence of God was felt in the room. The contact was touched too and said he wants to know and learn more about the right way. He also expresed a desire to see Jesus in a dream. Please join him in that prayer. The team felt little success in connecting with people so they prayed for God's leading and for “a story to share.” A lady at a water tap then invited them to come to her shop for tea where they were able to share the gospel from John 4 about the water of life'. They were also able to pray with her and give her an İncil and other materials. Pray for a greater thirst and hunger as well as lasting fruit in Afyon!

  • Not shopping but giving at the mall

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    Three of the team went to the mall and started conversations with the women at the information desk. They gave the "You are Special" tract, then... mehr hier

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